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Friday, June 19, 2009

Lloyd Banks aeleza ujio wa album yake, ni baada ya kimya kingi !!

Member wa kundi la G-Unit, Lloyd Banks pichani kwa kipindi kirefu ajatoa album yake binafsi tofauti na mwenzie 50 Cent.

Mnyawezi Lloyd Banks ameelezea mambo mengi yaliyomfanya achelewe kutoka na album yake mpya tangu alipotoa 'Rotten Apple' kuwa ni pamoja na msiba wa baba yake, matatizo ya moyo ya mara kwa mara yaliyomsumbua mama yake na pia kupisha album ya 50 kwanza.

"A lot of people don’t know…I went through a lot of stuff that year with my father passing, my mom had heart attacks back-to-back," said Banks of his time spent since his last album, Rotten Apple [click to read]. "This is while I was actually home. I was supposed to be doing promos and things of that nature. Literally, I was out of the mix for about six months. Then around the time that [50 Cent’s] 'I Get Money' came out, I was back in the mix. And a lot of people don’t know, I haven’t been on Interscope since that last album, since about the beginning of 2008. I’ve really just been sitting and waiting. This is 50’s last album requirement, so I got a lot of things coming to the table, and I don’t want to miss the boat. There’s really nothing to rush about, especially when I felt bamboozled. I still felt like everyone was still hating. It’s too late to hate, it’s time to get over that. I just wanted to sit back and analyze for a minute and not rush things. Now, I’m coming back full circle, and I had to put together a game plan."

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