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Monday, January 23, 2012


So what happens when Nonini (the godfather) founder member of the Genge
genre of music and one of Kenya’s most famous Urban Music Artistes meets up
with Just a Band a Kenyan house/funk/disco whose music has explored various
musical directions such as, but not limited to jazz, hip-hop, disco and
electronica. HAHE (Remix).
From the minute Musyoka played me this track i new it was going to be
big…by the way i have always been a Fan of Just a Band due to there musical
creativity/diversity (thinking outside the box). Hahe original was deadly
especially the Makmende thing that had everyone in nairobi talking about
but one day i was listening to the track and got a totally different
perspective of the song and thought why not ask them if i could remix it.
By the way we were in primo with Blinky Bill hehehe!

Hatukukua na mlango ya kubisha on opportunity! Tukatengeza mlango in our
own community! Sai ona vile tuko TUKO WORKS MZEIYA. It reminded me of the
humble beginnings za ma bedroom studio’s,watu wa mei,ma hawker and
basically every hustler trying there best to make it in a ruff terrain (Na
serikali haijali)! Anyway let me not talk much…do have a listen,
Video dropping Soon Enjoy!

SKIZA TRACK KTK playlist hapo JUU!!

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