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Monday, May 2, 2011

Hatimaye Gaidi Osama Bin Laden auawa, waKenya waserebuka......

Osama Bin Ladden is Dead the Mastermind behind the August 7th 1998 ,Nairobi USA Embassy bombings that left over 200 Kenyans dead and scores injured and maimed(see embedded YouTube Video of President Barrack Obama's announcement of Bin Ladens Death)! The Terror kingpin was killed in a well coordinated move carried out allegedly by American Navy seals that resulted in a firefight and the death of Osama Bin Laden's son.

That essentially is good news and there is a sense of jubilation and retribution duly seved especially on Social Media as many bloggers and tweeps tweeting in their approval of his demise.Where was Osama Killed at? Interestingly Osama Bin Laden was killed not in Tora Borra Mountains in Afghanistan but in Abbotabad a cosy up market mansion/house near the Pakistani Capital Islamabad .Ironically those who do bad live in luxury while their foot soldiers brave horrid conditions with untold zeal and fevour.

Interestingly it has taken Obama(whose father was a native Kenyan) to nail Osama ! The Kenyan Television stations are now running Al Jazeera and CNN live feeds in recognition that this event has much significance to the Kenyan people who have been on the receiving end of several Al Qaeda cordinated terrorist attacks including the initial 1998 US Embassy bombings in Nairobi.

On an international note many pundits will be evaluating this developments and its significance in American Politics and President Barrack Obama's re-election bid.At the same time Osama's death obviously will not have the cure it effect of Al Qaeda induced terrorism but it is a significant step in stemming like minded individuals .

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