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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mzungu KICHAA & 'YVONNEALE' Waachia Ngoma mpya.. Kuzindua Album March 2...!

Yvonne Mwale 'msanii kutokea Zambia' anayetarajia kuzindua album yake March 2. 2012 pande za Triniti - Oysterbay,Dsm. Ameachia ngoma mpya "In my Life" akiwa ameshirikiana na jembe lake 'Mzungu Kichaa' bofya Playlist hapo juu kuskiza.

The powerhouse behind Mzungu Kichaa, Caravan Records, is proud to announce its first official release in 2012 ! The label has signed the talented award winning songstress Yvonne Mwale. Originally from Zambia Yvonne won Best Upcoming Artist at the Zambian Music awards in 2009 and went on to tour 8 countries in Europe in 2010. In 2011 she came to Dar es Salaam to perform and was spotted by Mzungu Kichaa who encouraged her to stay on to record her debut solo album KALAMATILA. Her performances on stage have been very well received in the capital of Dar es Salaam. The album has 11 songs. She sings in English, Senga, Swahili and Scat, a non-lingual form of singing popular in jazz and reggae. Yvonne’s voice can best be described as an African version of Billie Holiday.

Yvonne’s life has not been easy. Born in 1988, Yvonne Mwale is raised as the daughter to the Honorable Member of Parliament Mr. Michael Mwale and former songstress Jelita Mwanza in Zambia’s Eastern Province. She starts her musical education at the age of 7. Yvonne soon begins to sing on a more professional level in different choirs, performing in churches all over the country.

Life changes dramatically when both her parents die and all possessions are taken by other members of the family. Left with nothing but her talent at the age of 12 Yvonne survives for two years without a home, sleeping on the benches of markets and on the streets. She manages to survive, gets little jobs here and there and finally finds a family where she gets shelter.

Her life situation can’t stop her from her vision to improve on her music. Yvonne joins the group B Sharp as a vocalist where she enjoys the advanced musical education of Jones Kabanga, an outstanding musician with an international reputation. Soon she is seen on stages all over Lusaka and becomes popular for her dynamic performances.

In 2009 Yvonne Mwale is awarded “Best Upcoming Female Artist” at the Ngoma Awards, the national music awards in Zambia. The same year, she forms with friends the Band “Nyali”. The group with Yvonne Mwale as lead singer enters the Crossroads Music Competition. They win the competition and take the prize for the first time ever to Zambia. Later that year the U.S. embassy in Lusaka initiates a project for the Department of State. Yvonne is asked to participate in a song based on one of Barack Obama’s popular speeches. The following year her band records their first Album. They are invited to tour Europe where they perform for several months in eight countries. This is followed by a tour in Africa including performances in Malawi and South Africa.

Yvonne Mwale is a great example of how young people can endure hardships and work on their dreams without giving up.

The album will be available online and in all Novel Idea bookshops and in the new Caravan Records shop at Makutano House / Black Tomato, in Oysterbay from the 2nd of March.

If you are in Dar es Salaam. Please join us to for the:

        Yvonne Mwale “ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY”

        date: 2. March 2012

        time: 8pm

        venue: Triniti, Msasani Rd. 26, Oysterbay

        (next to Ugandan High Comission, opposite Oysterbay Primary sch.)

Contact CARAVAN RECORDS for more info - tlf. +255 (0) 763 822 022, email:

"In My Life ft. Mzungu Kichaa" out now !

Here is the second single by Yvonne Mwale from her forthcoming album Kalamatila. The album will be released on the 2nd of March 2012. Yvonne has been receiving good reviews and has been featured on the BBC world service as one of three African female singers to "look out for" in 2012.




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