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Friday, March 23, 2012


African Artist Coalition USA (AACUSA) was formed with two goals in mind – promoting and exposing African arts and culture to the global/mainstream market, and creating a central platform that would showcase the arts and culture. With that vision in mind we created the PROUD TO BE project (P2B Project) to jump start our efforts towards achieving these goals.
This project brings together African artists who live in the USA for a joint project that represents African pride – proud of who we are in spite of our struggles, celebrating our accomplishments and looking forward to the journey ahead. This will involve a group of like minded young people and those young in heart, that love who they are and are ready to share this with the world.

Though there many reasons that motivated us to give birth to AACUSA, including addressing and providing aid to social, political and economical struggles that African is experiencing, we hope to shine a light to our culture and welcome all to embrace it. We also intend close the generational gap or the disconnect that exists between the young generation and that of Africa’s decision makers for a brighter future for all. Together we can be the change that Africa desires and deserves.

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