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Monday, April 2, 2012

NONINI asaidia wanafunzi wenye ulemavu wa Ngozi Kenya!!

Nonini, msanii mkali wa Genge aliyevaa t-shirt ya kijani pamoja na crew yake wakiwa na baadhi ya wanafunzi wenye ulemavu wa ngozi "Albino" mara baada ya kuwasilisha msaada wake wa mafuta-dawa 'lotion' kwa ajili ya kuwakinga na madhara wanayopata kutokana na mwanga wa jua......

Colour Kwa Face Sunscreen Campaign-Thika School of the blind March 31st:

Nonini together with his Prohabo Team (Mwihaki Lilz,Catherine,Ngash Mtrue),Big Ideas (Willie Owusu,Aleks Kamau),Kisara,Ronny,Sound Team and A.S.K's representative Alex! Went to Thika Primary & Secondary School for the blind to specifically donate sunscreen lotions to the students with Albinism. 

Children living with albinism are more susceptible to skin cancer as the suns ultra-violet rays penetrate through their skin. Hence for people living with albinism,sunscreen lotions are a matter of life and death. Sadly, however, not all Persons living with albinism are as lucky, which is why Nonini is motivated to help lobby their cause through his music and Colour kwa Face Campaign.

It was a special day for the Kids because they got to mingle with there favorite celebrity the godfather as he performed for them but the motivational talk was what they will live to remember. But for Nonini distributing the sunscreen lotions and just putting a smile on the kids face was all he needed on this day which was also special to the Raprenuer because it was his Late Bro's Birthday Jude Mwinduko!

We still have lots of work to do! To Support the Cause buy a Sunscreen lotion and inbox Nonini or even write on his website and he will come collect from you...

If u are outside the country u can ship them to our offices @ this Address 


P.O. BOX 29791-00100



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