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Monday, April 2, 2012

Support 'Watengwa' to France...!

We are glad to present you our big program to France: " Watengwa 2 France, a musical Safari !! "

We Need your help to reach our goal to get the 3 artists from Watengwa (a tanzanian hip hop group) Jacob Makalla, Jonas Lutuno and Yuzzo Abuu Rubama to France for the first time in their lives to record their 3rd album together and do performances with other artists from France. This concept is especially special since the 3 artists have been apart the last four years as some of them now live in different countries. It is a fantastic opportunity for these tanzanian artists (but also for the french artists who will meet them) to have the chance to exchange and experience music with other people from other parts of the world. 
You can be part of our safari and you will also help getting 3 people together and do music which has been much appreciated in their home country Tanzania for many years...

Every backers will get attractive rewards according to what they contribute. All details are on the page.

Our goal is to fund raise at least 5000$ in one month. The concept is that if we do not reach this goal, money will entirely get back to the contributors.
People who contribute within this first week will get a special exclusive track straight to their email.

This program is part of East Africa Rise Up (EARU) project.

EARU aims to promote the connections between:

- East African artists,
- urban and traditional musics,
- EA and the rest of the world!

Thank you all for your support.

Best Regards

Mathieu Bruno
Program coordinator

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