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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The eighth edition of Africa’s biggest reality series BIG BROTHER AFRICA

kicksoff in May and already fans of arguably the most successful television franchise ever

seen on the continent are asking…

who will the new housemates be? Who will find their name and their faces gracingnewspapers, their profiles loaded to websites and blogs? Who will become the subjectof drive time radio and just who will find themselves heating up the Twitter-sphere?

At this time there is no way to know this but if you meet the entry requirements and

enter between now and Valentine’s Day on February 14, you may well be among the

superstars in waiting and may find yourself flirting with fame and fortune!

This year, entry is open to the same 14 countries as the year before with the onlyexception being Liberia which will be replaced by Ethiopia for this year. Thereplacement comes as AfricaMagic and series producers Endemol SA rotate certaincountries into and out of the format. The reason for this is to ensure that a wide rangeof countries can be included in different editions of the series.

As a result of the change, participating countries this year are: Angola, Botswana,Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa,Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe

.Entry is open to all those persons over the age of 21, who are citizens of one of theparticipating countries and who either have a valid passport or will be able to obtainone by the end of March. Producers are looking for persons who are fluent in English,entertaining and passionate about the Big Brother experience. Of particularimportance to the selection team are the qualities of tolerance, determination andenthusiasm. If you are open-mind

ed, bold and adventurous, that’s even better!

Entry forms are available immediately at so visit the website and complete the online submission form. Printed entry forms will also beavailable at MultiChoice offices in the participating countries from February 1, 2013.

As with previous editions of Big Brother Africa, the new season will have a

twist…and according to

M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi, who has helmed the production for thepast four years, the big surprise this year is one that audiences are expected to fall in

love with. “As always, we won’t say much about the new season but I can confirmthat we’ve added a new element that I think will ge

t the hearts of viewers racing. Thefact that the fans truly adore the show is all the motivation we need to keep it fresh

and fun!”

Her views are echoed by Endemol MD Sivan Pillay who says, “Our long

-termassociation with M-Net is very much a partnership, a marriage of sorts. Weunderstand what they desire for their audiences, and they trust us enough to let usdevelop innovative twists and surprises. So the process is quite harmonious and veryexciting, as all good relationships should be. I am hopeful that this year we arecreating a red-hot show that will include familiar trademarks like nominations and

evictions alongside a very special new development.”

Previous editions of Big Brother Africa have boasted huge cash prizes for winners andthis year the winner will walk away with USD 300 000.

More information on BIG BROTHER AFRICA 8 will be made available over thenext month, so stay tuned to AfricaMagic, follow the action on Twitter and Facebook and keep checking the website. BIG BROTHER AFRICA 8 will be screened live 24/7on DStv channels 197 and 198 while GOtv audiences will see highlights of theprogram which begins on Sunday May 26 and is scheduled to run for 91 days.

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