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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top 10 ya Wanawake wenye mvuto Afrika 2009 !!

Afrika kuna mabinti wazuri wenye mvuto kuliko sehemu yoyote duniani, chek wanavyovutia hapa chini. Mtandao wa Jamati umefatilia kwa ukaribu sana duniani kote na kuwagundua hawa kuwa ndio zaidi, inawezekana kabisa na wewe ukawa na wakwako ila tuambie kati ya hawa mabinti 11 yupo zaidi yao????

Thabi-South Africa -African Heat Sexiest Woman 2009

Hi every one. Basically I am PROUDLY South African. I have been in the modelling industry for 6 years now. I am passionate about modelling, and especially african models. My role model is the Ethopian, Liya Kebede. She inspires me so much! It is my dream to pursue modelling as a full time profession and represent my country at the same time.Too many people have misconceptions about Africa and I would like to be one of those to set them straight. We are beautiful, beautiful people and it’s about time they recognise!

Christelle Avomo- Gabon

This R&b singer emigrated to the US in 2006 and, 18 months later, hit the R&B charts with a Top 40 song. Her sound has been described as 'Beyonce-meets-Rihanna' and her looks are definitely a great bonus

Tomi John - Nigerian

She has appeared in True Love West Africa, Mode Men Magazine, NTFS, Couture Exotica, JBL, ITK Magazine, and Deal Or No Deal.

Maud Bourek - Egypt
Long legs and a sassy attitude. She has been seen on several campaigns

Ataui Deng -Sudan

She is the hot newcomer on the catwalk and everyone is abuzz. With legs that go on forever, she is sure to make waves on the catwalk for a long time.

Sera Lubowa - Uganda Sera

Lubowa is a go-getter who started a step-dance troupe at her high school, took acting classes, and works as a model. She's confident and that is HOT!!

Elizabeth Ahmed - Nigerian/Russian

She was hot on Ray-J's show and is a real stunner. She has appeared in several magazines, speaks Russian, and love athletic activities.

Lupita Nyong'o - Kenya

She worked on the crew for the movie 'The Constant Gardener', and is part of MTV's campaign (MTV Staying Alive Ignite drama series) to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in Kenya. Talented and beautiful, she embodies true African sexy!!

Zamajobe - South Africa

This jazz artist is a hot commodity in South Africa. Her style is unique and has earned her awards in the music scene. Her elegance brings great style to the jazz scene.

Gloria Mika - Gabon

A designer favorite, Gloria Mika has used her platform to make a difference for the people of Gabon.

Adama Diallo - Senegal

Adama was one of three winners in the 2007 Elite Model Look France. She was only 16. She signed with Elite Paris and has graced the pages of several magazines. Her catwalk has had many in the industry sit up and take notice. We will be seeing more of her in the future.


  1. Wa Kabon ni mzuri, lakini tanzania Uwoya anaweza kushiriki, sura yake inalipa, ana mvuto achilia mbali utipwa tipwa wake anaweza kuufanyia kazi na akashinda!

  2. Sio kabon, khaaa!


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