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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Song; SO HARDER - WAKAZI ft. Albino Fulani, One & Godzillah


This is a new joint from ABACUS EP, called "So Harder" featuring
Albino Fulani, One Incredible & Godzilla. The Song was Produced by
Duke Tachez of Mlab Records. This song features very diverse artists
and it is a collaborative work that includes Tanzanian artists who
live abroad (Wakazi, Albino Fulani) and those from right here in Bongo
(One, Godzilla). The purpose was not competition but rather making the
best music possible, and It will serve as a good way to integrate and
bring different fanbases together, and also promote unity among

ABACUS EP will be droppin at the end of the Month, and will feature
songs like "Abacus", "Taking over the Game" and "Tayari Kwa Yote".

Folllow the artists on twitter @Wakazi @Albinofulani @King_Zilla @DukeTachez

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